Who we are

Iridium is the accounting, advisory and automation firm that is passionate about making a difference. We’re pretty friendly and not your average accountants. Yes, that means that we are deep individuals who tell the funny-kind-of jokes. But wait, there’s more: we’re also highly qualified and Xero certified. We believe in integrating technology with accounting practices to achieve the highest level of efficiency. With a vision of disrupting the industry, it’s our mission to take business to the next level, always pursuing the latest technologies and providing professional services to businesses and startups.

Our team players

Simon, as the founder of Iridium, is the big cheese, imparting all his wisdom in finances and SME’s upon the team. He is the centre of the office banter and celebrates the team’s successes whenever he can. He can make sense of the complicated in every situation. In his spare time, you’ll probably find Simon watching sports matches, live if possible.

Peter is the Sales and Marketing Director and enjoys testing new technology that can help automate processes. He is an advocate of wellness and inspiring balance in the workplace. In his spare time, Peter can either be found outdoors, trail running and hiking, or watching sport and enjoying a glass of wine with friends

Chay loves the fact that each person at Iridium is empowered to succeed in their role. He has a wide range of hobbies, stemming from his love for trying new things and widening his horizons. Sit down and learn from him and he’ll happily teach you many new things!

Felicia has created a space in the Pretoria team where each person can be authentic and feel safe to make mistakes and grow together. She loves managing the team to bring about success and happiness. She is in awe of all entrepreneurs who take the challenge of starting something new.

Monique enjoys engaging and building meaningful working relationships with the Iridium team. In her spare time, Monique sits pillion with her husband (that’s motorcycle jargon for enjoying the scenery from the passenger seat of the bike) and has a secret obsession with tattoos!

Being part of a leading company and changing lives – that’s what gets Jaryd up each morning. He a pretty good problem solver, and he even enjoys researching & testing new tech in his spare time (along with stretching those legs in a good game of golf).

Heather enjoys the values based culture Iridium lives by, and the respect that each team member is afforded. In her spare time you’ll find Heather hanging out with her husband and two gorgeous daughters, and maybe even crocheting a cute toy or two.

Susan lives by the motto ‘Work hard, Play hard’ and possesses the Get-Stuff-Done super skill in the office. When she’s not working hard, she’s spending quality time with her family outdoors, or catching up on some sleep!

Heidi’s day always starts with strong coffee, is filled with loads of client support (she’s our multi-tasking queen, and believes we have the coolest clients ever!) and ends with her favourite snack, our scrumptious popcorn!

Sandra is the popcorn champ in the Pretoria office, and loves contributing towards a fun and happy work environment. She has been an equestrian for over 30 years, often competing in horse shows over weekends.

Lauren, naturally, is our tax guru. She loves the diverse client range she’s exposed to at Iridium, and has the ability to design a great project process flow. You will most likely find her at a wine farm on a Saturday, enjoying the best of the Cape!

Marizette loves the Iridium culture where she can work hard and play hard and manage her time efficiently. She’s the queen at managing the onboarding journey with clients super well, helping them journey through the change management with confidence.

Cait is the office socialite, always engaging with the entire team and building gees beyond just the standard water cooler chats. She’s an avid basketballer player and has promised to invite the team to watch her next game…

Monique enjoys the fast pace work environment at Iridium, where each day looks different and brings new and exciting challenges. She’s the office parrot mom, having a pet Black Headed Caique called Emmit at home!

Not surprising in his role, Aaron excels at building strong relationships with both clients and colleagues, creating an environment where collaboration and knowledge exchange thrive. He also loves contributing towards innovative solutions.

Vanessa appreciates using a great tech stack! She can bring order out of chaos, and if not bringing meaningful insights out of data, she can be found running or watching her boys play soccer!

Ryan gets energised by solving complex financial problems.  He is excited about the energy and team culture at Iridium.  In his spare time you’ll find him kite surfing, spending time outdoors or eating delicious food.  He loves travelling the globe, and even spent 6 months living in Indonesia last year.

Nicole loves engaging with a wide variety of clients at Iridium, understanding their unique story and their business.  She enjoys a challenging excel problem to solve, but is also a pro at coffee banter.  A competitive national SA swimmer in the good old days, and now a mom to a beautiful little girl!

Ashleigh thrives on collaborating with both her team mates and business owners to bring automated systems into more businesses in South Africa to streamline operations and make life easier and better for everyone! She loves the outdoors, especially when she can enjoy it with her gorgeous family (but don’t ask her to go camping!)

Vanessa is always super excited to learn through challenges and new projects and technology that she gets to encounter daily at Iridium. She is a plant propagating expert and tries her hand at sailing when the Cape Town weather allows her too.

Originally from the UK, Richard made the bold move to South Africa in 2018, accompanying his wife on her mission to help get Xero South Africa up and running. Richard thrives in collaborative environments, eager to contribute to exciting projects and expand his skill set. Beyond his professional endeavours, he is a legendary whistler and enjoys going for a hike or ride around the winelands with his wife.

Stacey is our efiling queen, being the go to person for all efiling issues at Iridium. She particularly loves the learning environment at Iridium, where everyone helps each other grow & learn. She’s a springbok badminton player, so naturally the reigning Iridium padle champion!

Robyn thrives working with SME’s to better their business. She’s able to keep calm under pressure like no other, so it’s natural that her favourite superhero is Superman – calm with a touch of humour. She also has 2 small boys who test that out daily and keep her busy!

Kauthar, with her oodles of patience, loves upskilling her team and learning from them too. She loves the ocean, and has a wide collection of sea pets which she adores.

Mieke loves to partner with her clients to help make a difference in their business. She’s the training expert, playing a major role in training the new management accountants at Iridium. She loves to run and cycle in her spare time.

Michelle especially enjoys the way that Iridium takes care of the wellbeing of the team, and plays her role in offering this support to her team mates in the Pretoria office. She’s also the Springbok’s #1 fan, as confirmed by the whole team.

Ansie thrives in a fun office culture and loves to work in a collaborative team dynamic. Her super skill is making lists and organising tasks. Ansie can be seen spending her weekend with her husband and 2 cat children.

Kylie loves fostering relationships with the clients. She has a knack for problem solving, especially when it comes to business challenges. You can usually find Kylie trail running or road running on the weekend. And if she is not keeping her pace, she is in the kitchen experimenting with plant-based cooking.

Lise has the best time management skill that we all aspire to have. She loves supporting businesses in many different industries, and is inspired by the integrity that Wonder Women possesses. On the weekend you’ll probably find her reading or running!

Sarisha is super adaptable in every situation she finds herself in, and enjoys learning about the clients and businesses that she supports. Cooking is her therapy and Cape Town is her playground!

Shehzaad is a born problem solver, and to any unsolved problem he says “bring it on!”. The outdoors is his playground, where you’ll often find him running or hiking, and being an adrenaline junkie, he’s game for anything.

Jes loves working with clients from a variety of industries through her work at Iridium. She’s also our handyperson around the office, always keen to fix, refill or restock something. What would we do without her?!

Ju-nique is the vlookup champ in the team, always knowing a sneaky excel tip to share with us all. She’s a ukulele player on the weekend, and loves the coffee and popcorn on tap at the office during the week

Mpho can stay cool and calm under the pressure, no matter what. He thrives in unpacking and understanding the complexities in accounting. He’s a car fanatic, with his favourite being the E92 M3.

Ryan finds the wide variety of clients & industries he supports super stimulating, and loves seeing the positive impact he can create for his clients. Besides for making magic at Iridium, he loves spending time with his gorgeous wife and trying out new and exciting things in Cape Town!

Tara is known as Ms Organisation at Iridium, and has already made her mark by providing quality business advice to the clients she supports. Tara was a figure skater for 15 years, representing SA, and promises to give us a show of these skills soon….

Zeldie’s office super power is setting up immaculate Google Sheets! She loves working in an environment with young and driven individuals that are eager to help small businesses prosper. She in an excellent memory keeper, so basically has a mental nostalgia app ready to play at a moment’s notice.

No matter the size of the task, Alicia loves making a difference in her clients’ businesses. She is the Skribbl champ in the office and rather uniquely, enjoys eating lemons.

A volunteer for Sea Rescue in his spare time, Armand also possess the super skill of making epic popcorn in the office. He loves getting hands on experience and exposure across a wide variety of industries through his work at Iridium.

Charné is the IT champ in the Pretoria office, and gets a thrill from learning new things each day at Iridium. She’s also known to have green fingers on the weekend, in amongst all the reading and exercising she does, phew, a busy woman!

Kayla is our recon champ! She has 3 little Chihuahua’s at home, plus a newly adopted kitten, making her one of our fabulous fur-baby moms at Iridium.

Odwa is the go to guy for making delicious coffee in the office. He’s a huge team player, always offering to help his team mates where he can. He loves hanging out at the beach, surfing on the weekends.

Reece is the one who you’ll always find in the office first each morning, being the early bird of the team. He particularly enjoys the positive workplace where people can grow and flourish at Iridium. His hidden talent…baking!

Shelby thrives in being able to contribute towards the growth and success of SME’s in SA. She’s also the office vibe creator, always putting a smile on people’s faces. An accountant by day and a crafter by night, Shelby is always trying her hand at a new creative project!

Verona loves interacting with interesting people each day at Iridium. Weekends are all about reading and relaxing for her, and she’s a lover of the ocean and those that protect it.

Zander fills the office with vibrancy and joy each day. He’s also our IT guru, and has a secret skill of being able to clay pigeon shoot. He’s inspired by the strength and stamina of Anders Hofman – the first person to do a full Iron Man in Antarctica.

Gen is always stepping in and helping wherever she can at Iridium. She’s our in-house anthophile, and loves to keep a sense of humour even in stressful times. She enjoys seeing the difference she can make through the help she gives to the SME’s she assists.

Alan loves the work environment at Iridium – let’s get stuff done, but let’s chat over a coffee too! He’s a sports fanatic of note – never too far from a game or getting the updates sneakily on his phone. Watch out world, his favourite superhero is Arrow who can learn & change over time for the better, building a bright future!

Kyla is fueled by the culture that Iridium has, always contributing happy vibes to the team. She has a super power of being able to take a 5 hour nap and is inspired by her superhero mom.

Emma loves growing her knowledge of all things cloud based at Iridium. She’s fast becoming our coffee champ, and is the hike hero in the office, always planning the next weekend hike with friends and team mates.

Nithin is always super excited to learn from others in the Iridium team. He can sit in one place for a super long time, a super skill that comes in handy when on deadline each month! He’s a sports fan and just a general good guy (and pretty funny too!).

Puseletso’s super power at the office is her ability to be super duper organised. She’s an avid Cape Town explorer, always keen to explore a new beach or restaurant. She’s sweet and kind, and pretty rad we think.

Tumi loves the team work approach of working at Iridium. She loves doing wholesome things with family and friends in her spare time, and is soon to become our inhouse barista, with all the coffee making practice she’s set her mind to!

Siya is the guy that always strives to support his team mates in everything he does. He is a soccer fan of note, and is inspired by Batman’s reliance on his intellect and resourcefulness as his super powers.

The opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs and share in their vision is both inspiring and motivating for Kristen. She’s Ms Organised in the office and if in a Netflix binge watching showdown, she’ll win hands down!

Zanele is fueled by the idea that she gets to learn something new each day at Iridium. Filing income tax returns is her up and coming super skill in the office. Being new to Cape Town, she loves visiting the beach on the weekends.

Vee is our printing expert. She loves coming to the office knowing that everyday is going to be different and someone will always have a new story to tell to make everyone laugh.

Nicole loves the idea of going deeper into understanding the innovative ways to do accounting at Iridium. She has 2 fur babies that keep her and her partner company on hikes on the weekend, and shockingly doesn’t drink coffee!