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Accountants as innovative as you are.

Hypothetically, if you were looking for financial management and advisory assistance
while you change your industry, wouldn’t you want accountants who are trying to change theirs?

Iridium is the accounting, advisory and automation firm that always looks forward.
We’re a group of people (friendly and passionate) who are ready to partner with you.

What People Have To Say

Lloyd Becker
“We have found Iridium to be fantastic with all aspects of business. Always happy to go the extra mile and always on hand when needed. A great team to work with.”

— Lloyd Becker

Director at The Nice Company

Zain Slamdien
“It’s not often that you find accountants that don’t only looks at your numbers. With Iridium, we have built a relationship beyond just the numbers. We’ve found their professional services go far beyond just accounting. The values we share have been key to our growing business.”

— Zain Slamdien

Director at The Cape Wheel

Jason Basel
“Iridium came into our business after 2 years of atrocious record-keeping, and in one fell swoop sorted out our financial wellbeing. Ever since, they’ve worked hard alongside our management team to help us build our business, never skipping a beat to go beyond their obligations to make a difference. We recommend them to everyone we engage with.”

— Jason Basel

CEO of Stoogle t/a EduOne

Where We're Best



The competition is tough, margins are tight and stock management is a constant battle. We are retail experts who can also handle the numbers. Whether its reconciling supplier statements, managing your cash flow or putting in better controls, we’ll help you understand your business better.

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Managing your restaurant is a full time job. Ensuring your margins are under control, staff are managed effectively and that your quality of food and service is maintained. We are here to spread the load and help provide you with the financial foundation you need.

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Running an online store doesn’t need to be complicated. Ensuring you have all the right systems in place to manage your warehouse, shipments and payments will allow you to grow and scale your business effectively.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We know you know your PPC from your SEO and your Insta from your boosted post. However managing your finances and taxes is a whole other story. You know what being an expert is and relying on that understanding, so let us be your finance expert in running your business.

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You have the next great idea, the business plan is in place. What next? We are experienced at making sure that all the steps in setting up and running a business are sorted. Burn Rate, Seed Funding, Convertible Notes, Runway, VC Funding, Angel Investors, Break Even…. We have dealt with all of these and are ready to get you up to speed.

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A critical element to running your business is having a good understanding of your product costing. Having the right systems in place to manage your bills of materials, stock on hand, customers and suppliers and tracking of batches is essential. Having them in the cloud and accessible from anyone is a game changer.

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What We Do


Accounting is our speciality and we are unashamedly passionate about it. Iridium has simplified the accounting system by taking it to the next level: Cloud Accounting.  This allows you to check-in from anywhere and gets you on the same page as your accountant in an instant.  We handle all your bookkeeping needs so that you can focus on what matters: actually running your business.  With our partners in leading technologies, we can access your data, update records and finalise management accounts in a heartbeat.


Making the correct decisions at the right time is critical to business success.  Iridium believes in fostering young businesses as well as providing sound support to companies in the industries we know best.  Allow us to uncover solutions for your business and guide you on the road to success.  Adhering to correct accounting and management practices is easier said than done. At Iridium, we have the knowledge.  Let us share it with you. 


In this day and age, business is all about technology. Why? Well, it saves time and creates better efficiency.  Need we say more?  Iridium is completely on board with this idea.  We have partnered with the likes of Xero, Receipt Bank, Expensify and SimplePay to integrate technology with accounting and management practices.  The days of manually processing financial information are long gone.  We have optimised accounting processes to a point where it is not just efficient but cool. Consider your accounting, payroll and file management sorted.

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As a professional services company we aim to deliver great services as and when they are needed. Plus we are not your average accountants. We don’t own grey suits. 

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