Our Way

We do things differently

We are social, millennial, tech-loving accountants who are not afraid of change or a challenge. As a learning environment, we are curious and enjoy sharing our skills with the team and clients. We use tech to make the mundane easy but accurate so we can get down to the advisory of the numbers and help you make better business decisions.

Our vision

To empower entrepreneurs to create a better future for all in Africa.


By 2030, have a team of 150 people who support 1,000 SMEs that employ 10,000 people.

1000 SME's
10 000 people

Our values

We work as a team and partner with our clients for success. We have grit and perseverance. We question things, take ownership and respect ourselves and each other.

Build client
Be a team
Respect yourself
& others

Our approach

Outsourced Finance Team

We partner with our clients to create value in understanding the finances and seek opportunities for growth. We work as a team to share a wide range of experience, expertise and energy in building client partnerships.

Professional Partner

Client catch-ups are our favourite thing, for accountants we love to chat with clients and like to engage in all aspects of their business. We invest our time, our ideas and energy into partnering with you for business growth.


Having a growth mindset is something we want to share with our clients. As an SME ourselves that started from the ground up, we see the ripple effect that a successful SME can have on all their clients, consultants and community.

Tech focused

We love technology and the benefits it provides. We work with a range of industry-leading cloud solutions that are specifically designed to automate the mundane and improve your processes.

Fixed Pricing

We charge a fixed fee per month. No surprises, no charge per call/email and no timesheets. We want to help make your cash flow planning easier and more predictable.