New Xero Navigation

When you log in to Xero today, it’ll look a little bit different to what you’re used to. We’re really excited to roll out the new, improved navigation that we know is going to make your Xero experience more efficient and more intuitive than ever before.

Here’s why we think you’ll love the new navigation as much as us:

It’s intuitive

Our customers and our partners will know whose tools belong to who, as we’ve organised groups logically around both the daily tasks of small business owners and the accounting or compliance tasks of a bookkeeper or accountant.

It’s efficient

You’ll spend less time navigating to features you use often, and less time clicking and backtracking to find what you need.

It’s adaptable

The navigation can adapt to suit different user roles and subscriptions. Plus, it’s now easier for Xero to add, update and remove labels to keep up with your future needs.

It’s human

We’ve ditched the jargon and replaced it with human wording, making it simpler to find what you’re looking for and simpler to complete tasks.

Being adaptable means that we can continue to learn and tailor the navigation experience to our partners’ and small business customers’ needs while keeping it simple to understand and operate. We think you’ll find that it’ll be faster and easier to get to know and use.

If you’re a small businesses looking for more information check out these FAQs and shortcuts to ease the transition. Or if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper find everything you need to know in this blog

We know that change can be challenging, especially if you use Xero regularly, but we’re sure this new, improved navigation is a positive change that will have huge day-to-day benefits.

Jump online and check it out today!

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Peter Magner

Peter Magner

Peter is an avid trail runner and sports enthusiast. He has a passion for people and technology and uses these skills to help grow Iridium Business Solutions. He currently heads up the Sales and Marketing for the company, whilst also managing a team of Cloud Accountants. In 2019, he was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the SAICA Top 35-under-35.