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Cape Point Bakery

Simon Magner - April 8, 2020 - 0 comments

Cape Point Bakery

Suppliers of quality sourdough based bread to the local community and further afield. 

Social enterprise connecting businesses and residences with grassroot organizations to grow their communities together.

At a Glance

With a partnership between Iridium, Xchange Connexion and Cape Point Bakery we were able to:

  • Serve both our client’s needs and the needs of the community
  • Assist a community-driven project
  • Promote social cohesion 
  • Promote economic inclusion
  • Build a strong sense of community

The Challenge

Cape Point Bakery had built up a small debt as a business start-up.

Margins in a bakery are small, but if managed well, with regular, sustainable customers can flourish, plus people get to eat healthy bread.

Westlake, Ward 71, where our offices are located, is home to a large number of disadvantaged South Africans. A number of local businesses and non-profits are working together with Ward Councillor Penny East to take care of the local communities.

“We wanted to support some local NGO’s in Westlake and we could do this by Hein delivering bread to these NGO’s,”

Peter Magner

The Solution

True to our commitment of supporting entrepreneurs, we sought a solution that served both our client’s needs and the needs of the community. For us ‘it’s not just about the numbers’.

Xchange Connexion is a social enterprise connecting businesses and residences with grassroots organizations to grow their communities together. Through their Ward-based partnerships, they’re developing community-driven projects that promote social cohesion, ensure economic inclusion and build a strong sense of community spirit!

So partnering with XChange Connexion, Cape Point Bakery and the local community means we all win. Cape Point Bakery bakes daily for their local community and further afield, and we get to support Xchange Connection who distribute bread to local creche’s and schools in Westlake. At the moment, because schools are on holiday, the bread is being distributed to creches and day-care centres and Iridium is supporting extra loaves to go to a group of health care workers.

We’re shouldering this together. A true partnership.



Buy Bread

They are currently trading and servicing both businesses and individuals through regular deliveries. Email them to find out more.

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