Emotional intelligence reimagined

We all know Covid has had a massive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing and MyGrow has filled many corporate wellness gaps, helping the business and individual alike. Who would not want to be a better leader, a better partner or less stressed? EQ affects all aspects of our lives and when exhaustion sets in, that’s when we need EQ coping mechanisms.

Mygrow is an emotional intelligence platform that can be used by individuals to help manage their emotions and companies to help their team members thrive. Led by CEO (founder and psychologist), Mark Baker and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Theran Knighton-Fitt who share a passion in helping people develop their EQ and a set of psychological muscles to help them flourish.

Life is emotional. Navigating life is an emotional skill.

Practice, grow and flourish. These are the ideals Mygrow has built upon. Offering a set of skills that help people manage themselves better, have better relationships, reduce their stress, be more productive, be a better leader, make better choices and feel a better sense of individual well-being. All these skills and advantages can be gained by practicing and building up your emotional intelligence (EQ). Just as the gym helps the health of your body, Mygrow helps you keep a healthy mind, all in around 15 minutes per day.

Show me the neuroscience!

Neuroscience has shown that emotional competencies, like muscles, are developed by regularly implementing specific techniques, ultimately rewiring the brain. Mygrow provides Emotional Intelligence learning and development through a daily video-based micro-learning approach. One technique encourages people to use signature strengths in a new and different way every day, which bolsters self-esteem. These daily practices and habits help rewire the brain and build up your emotional intelligence muscles.

Mygrow has client data that demonstrates an 8% shift of emotional intelligence over a 6-month intervention, using a tool called the human impact audit, a balance sheet for psycho/social factors. When shifting EQ in a positive direction the results can be up to 12% of payroll. So not only is the bottom line positively impacted but well-being results.

The Mygrow journey

The Mygrow learning journey starts with a 360-degree view of your EQ by assessing your EQ and inviting friends, colleagues and family to submit their ratings. 15 metrics are used and you get to see how you see your EQ versus where others see your emotional state.

The next step will be completing small 15 minute Daily Droplets that include a video, a quiz and an EQ development technique. Each module has 20 droplets and the curriculum covers 25 modules on key emotional intelligence areas. The first few modules explain a bit more about neuroscience and give a daily habit to start the emotional reframing process.

Throughout the journey, you are coached by a qualified team to ensure you are on the right track with your development techniques. In just the time it takes to go to make a cup of coffee, people can positively grow their EQ, mental and emotional well-being.

EQ in the Workplace

In Mark’s opinion corporates are doing emotional wellness wrong. The approach is either too late or reactive. Many companies wait until there is a crisis and host a mental health day that is not going to fix the problem. Mygrow is trying to attend to the development of an individual’s well-being long before it is a problem and integrate it into the daily life of your team.

Most organisations are proactive with their corporate finances, but not with their human accounting for psycho-social wellness. Human beings are your most influential asset, the way they work together and with your customers will make or break your business.

Iridium has undergone the Mygrow EQ bootcamp during 2020 to boost our coping mechanisms while being away from the office community and isolated in COVID. The team found the daily droplets uplifting, insightful and a great way to start the day. At Iridium, we are always looking to improve our team’s wellness as we believe this is core to creating a better work environment.

From HR policies of Wellness Leave (replacing sick leave to include mental wellness) to team monthly outings to connect on a human level. We have an office of millennials who value the importance of flexible working hours, work-from-home opportunity and a relaxed office environment.

We encourage movement as part of well-being, exercise and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, which is why we encourage our people to choose their movement passion after work and we contribute financially towards this. Whether it be gym, hockey, aerial silks or krav maga, we aim to keep everyone moving. 


As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and the impact this has on us as a society, let us not forget to bring wellness into our workspace and invest in our emotional wellbeing.