How to scale new heights

An early start on a windy morning and we had made our way to the bottom of Lions Head.

Having these breathtaking views on our doorsteps is such a privilege and it makes sense to take them in every now and then. We were testing out the toughness of the route as a possible team building event for two weeks time.

Business Life

Being a business owner it made me think that running a business is in some ways very similar to this climb. Getting started is exciting and always filled with lots of dreams and expectations. Very quickly you are moving into the reality that you are in for a tough road ahead. This is where a little planning can go a long way.

In the case of the hike: having a partner to enjoy the route with, taking a bottle of water along and stopping every now to enjoy the views all made the whole experience much better.

Taking the above into a running a business context:

  1.  When running a business it is always easier to do something with a partner to share the load. This is why many Venture Capital firms only want to invest in multi-partner businesses.
  2. Take a break, you should never continue to work without taking a break, we all need to refuel and there is no need to see the time taken for a rest as wasted time.
  3. Continue to stop and reflect on how things have progressed. This can be both encouraging and rewarding as we see how far we have come and gives us a chance to change the plans if need be.

Planning and Reflecting:

Think about your business and set the goals that you want. When you reach those goals you can reflect on your success and continue to plan new goals.

As Winston Churchill said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. 


Reaching the top was a great reward for not giving up and continuing along the path. We got to enjoy the great views of the Cape Peninsula and discuss what the next summit we were going to tackle.

Simon Magner

Simon Magner

Based in Cape Town, Simon is on a mission to help small businesses move from base camp to success. With his financial skills and the amazing cloud based software out there, running a business becomes so much easier.