Specno: tech startup to top agency in 2 years!

Growth driven by accurate data, dedication and desire for disruption. Specno is an end-to-end digital solutions business recognised as one of South Africa’s top app development and user experience agencies. specno software development and design agency At a Glance Cloud based solutions for tech companies. How we used Xero, Dext, SimplePay, Fathom to empower Specno: […]

The Fundamentals of Budgeting.

Budget is a word often associated with constrained or limited resources. Most people have a budget in their personal life to better plan to pay their bills, save money and spend wisely. It helps people have a goal for saving and building up a nest egg for those unexpected surprises like a broken washing machine. […]

Camissa’s Comeback Coffee

Comeback Coffee was developed to assist all those businesses affected by the Covid 19 pandemic to get going again and to generate some much needed cash flow. Camissa Coffe is a local coffee roastery that is all about coffee but also about the person ultimately drinking the coffee. Camissa Coffee At a Glance Cloud based […]

ROWDY: Fortuitous in 2020

Serendipity meets entrepreneurial vision. Emerging  tough and full of character, much like their leather, Rowdy has endured with strength through COVID-19. ROWDY is a Cape Town-based leather bag company making quality, handmade leather bags. Rowdy Bags At a Glance Cloud based solutions for omni-channel retail stores. With Shopify, Vend, Xero, Receipt Bank, and SimplePay Rowdy […]

CLIENT CASE STUDY: Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream

Kristen Buttress exchanged her scrubs for an ice cream scoop when she opened Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream store. She is now a flavour alchemist with branches in South Africa and Mauritius. Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream At a Glance Cloud based solutions for retail stores. With Xero, Receipt Bank, SimplePay, Vend and Shopify Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice […]


Fish with a story, a co-designed and fisher-driven tech company that empowers small-scale fisheries. What started as a university research project has turned into a non-profit connecting small-scale fishers, restaurants and now homes, thanks to Covid19. abalobi.info At a Glance A mobile app suite and programme, it is aimed at social justice and poverty alleviation […]