Pomegranite: The art and science of digital marketing

Women in business, driving growth through a people-centred approach. Pomegranite is digital marketing agency who works with non-profits, change-makers and thought-leaders to craft their online presence through story-telling and data-driven insights. Pomegranite At a Glance Cloud based solutions for marketing companies. How we used Xero, Dext and SimplePay to empower Pomegranite: Cloud-based management accounting Data-driven […]

Specno: tech startup to top agency in 2 years!

Growth driven by accurate data, dedication and desire for disruption. Specno is an end-to-end digital solutions business recognised as one of South Africa’s top app development and user experience agencies. specno software development and design agency At a Glance Cloud based solutions for tech companies. How we used Xero, Dext, SimplePay, Fathom to empower Specno: […]