Our Values

Do you hire people based on their fit with your company culture? Do your people understand what they mean or are they simply meaningless words agreed upon by management? Are your people’s decisions led by these shared values? These are all questions that you should be considering within your own organisation as you progress on […]

HIRING: 10 things you should know as an SME employer

As an entrepreneur, you know your business best, but as you scale, you won’t necessarily have the time to do it all on your own.  Bringing in the right partners is critical to grow and support the business- especially when it comes to managing your people. Payroll, compliance and SARS requirements might sound foreign, so […]

HIRING that’s good for the people and SME’s

At Iridium, people count. We’re a small team and every member is valuable and is a vital building block in our culture. We pay attention to how we hire, who we hire, how we onboard, and how we build our culture. We do it intentionally, it’s not by chance. The days of being in a […]

Why hiring Millenials is good for business

Millennials want to have an impact, not only in your organisation but in the world. They want to know how the work they do contributes to the company and society as a whole Millennials have got a bad rap… Millennials have got a bad rap when it comes to being part of the workforce: they […]